Highly successful participation of our group at this year's EUPA in Leipzig. Jasjot received the first price for his poster, Anne and Pathma contribution were both selected for oral presentations and travel grants. Sara and Dhriti presented posters about their research and Dominic showcased Robert's poster covering our recent paper in PROTEOMICS (2021/08 - New paper in PROTEOMICS).

We published an article in "Molecular Neurobiology" titled "Age-Dependent Increase in Schmidt-Lanterman Incisures and a Cadm4-Associated Membrane Skeletal Complex in Fatty Acid 2-hydroxylase Deficient Mice: a Mouse Model of Spastic Paraplegia SPG35". For more details click here: https://doi.org/10.1007/s12035-022-02832-4

Dominic presented our data in course of the research unit FOR2743 "Mechanical stress protection" seminar series as invited speaker.

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