Philipp Grotehusmann

Luca Gudermann
Torsten Müller
Thesis: Analysis of Glucosylceramide Accumulation in a Cell Culture model of Gaucher Disease.
Deniz Pinar Savcigil
Thesis: Analysis of Glucosylceramide Accumulation in a Cell Culture model of Gaucher Disease.
Inga Titova
Andreas Verhülsdonk



Anita Basukala
Thesis: Investigation of Niemann Pick Disease Type C using Mass Spectrometry based Quantative Proteomics
Hang My Dang
Markus Goedderz 
Thesis: Mass spectrometry based phosphoproteome analysis of neural progenitor cell differentiation.
Edgar Kaade
Thesis: Bacterial Expression and Purification of a Peptide Standard for absolute Quantification of the Lysosome Proteome by Mass Spectrometry.
Biswajit Moharana
Christine Möller
Francesco Locci
Gishnu Harikumar Parvathy
Ramesh Sharma
Thesis: Characterization of Differentiation of Multipotent Neuronal Progenitor Cells to Oligodendroglial Progenitor Cells using Quantitative Mass Spectrometry. 
Sandra Skardziute
Thesis: Investigation of lysosomal composition in response to mTORC1 activity in mammalian cells using fluorescence microscopy



Shiva Ahmadi
Thesis: Application of BioID to in vitro organelle and in vivo cell-type-specific proteomics
Fatema Akter
Thesis:  Investigation of lysosomal phosphoproteome changes in altered cholesterol metabolism in Niemann-Pick Disease Type C (NPC)
Alireza Dehghani
Thesis: Application and Development of Mass Spectrometry-based Approaches to Investigate the Regulation of Lysosomal-associated Proteins by Phosphorylation
Peter Mosen
Srigayatri Ponnaiyan
Carmen Schoor 
Thesis: Investigation of Multipotent Neural Progenitor Cell to Oligodendrocyte Differentiation including the Transcriptional Activator Protein Pur-alpha by Quantitative Proteomics
Jasjot Singh
Thesis: Mass Spectrometric Profiling of Lysosomal Protein Interactions, Structures, and Half-lives via Cross-Linking and Pulse Stable Isotope Labeling



Thea van den Bosch 


Technical assistants

Norbert Rösel