Asisa Muchamedin
Bachelor’s Thesis

Jasjot Singh
Master Thesis

Deniz Pinar Savcigil
Bachelor´s Thesis: Generation and evaluation of tetracycline inducible stable cell lines fro investigation of lysosome associated proteins.

Torsten Müller
Bachelor’s Thesis:
Analysis of Glucosylceramide Accumulation in a Cell Culture model of Gaucher Disease.

Markus Goedderz
Master’s Thesis:
Mass spectrometry based phosphoproteome analysis of neural progenitor cell differentiation.

Shiva Ahmadi
Master’s Thesis: Evaluation of Potential Regulators of Multipotent Neural Progenitor Cell to NG2 Cell Differentiation

Anita Basukala
Master’s Thesis: Investigation of Niemann Pick Disease Type C using Mass Spectrometry based Quantative Proteomics

Edgar Kaade
Master’s Thesis: Bacterial Expression and Purification of a Peptide Standard for absolute Quantification of the Lysosome Proteome by Mass Spectrometry.

Ramesh Sharma
Master’s Thesis:
Characterization of Differentiation of Multipotent Neuronal Progenitor Cells to Oligodendroglial Progenitor Cells using Quantitative Mass Spectrometry. 

Carmen Schoor
Ph.D. Thesis

Alireza Dehghani
Ph.D. Thesis



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