Name: Dr. Dominic Winter  
Position: Group leader
Special skill: The motivator
Contact: dominic.winter[at]

After finishing his PhD in the group of Wolf Lehmann at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, Dominic joined the lab of Hanno Steen for postdoctoral studies at Children’s Hospital / Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA. After returning to Germany, he started as group leader at the IBMB. Being trained initially in mass spectrometry and proteomics, he extended his range of skills to a variety of biochemistry and molecular biology techniques allowing the Winter Lab to cover almost every aspect of the projects they are working on. If you don't find Dominic in his office, you should have a look in the forest where he likes to climb hills on his bike or at the river Rhine where he is rowing or trying to catch some fish.


Name: Dr. Robert Hardt
Position: Post Doc
Special skill: The data muncher

Robert is a "Bonner Original" and already conducted his diploma and PhD studies in the IBMB, were he developed and applied LC-MS-based proteomic methods to study a myelin membrane protein involved in a severe neurodegenerative disease. After finishing his PhD in 2015, Robert joined the "Core Facility for MS & Proteomics" at the ZMBH in Heidelberg. There he further expanded his practical and theoretical knowledge in mass spectrometry and helped many customers solving their analytical questions. The foci of his work were large scale PTM-analyses, targeted measurements (PRM) and crosslinking-MS. From 2017 to 2019 he then applied his skills in the pharmaceutical industry at Sanofi in Frankfurt a. M.. There he analyzed various recombinant proteins by classical "bottom-up" as well as "top-down" approaches. After two years, Robert decided to move back to academia and is now working as a joined PostDoc both for the mass spectrometry core facility and the Winter lab. Besides mass spectrometry and research, Robert is an enthusiastic rower and runner, as well as a movie and TV series addict.


Name: Norbert Rösel
Position: Technican
Special skill: Master of everything

After working for almost 30 years in the IBMB as technician Norbert started the Winter Lab together with Dominic. He has longstanding experience in a broad range of biochemical and molecular biology techniques and knows every corner of the institute. In his working hours Norbert is helping the group members solving every problem in the lab and in his free time he continues helping them with private issues. If you need any help, call for Norbert!


Name: Asisa Muchamedin
Position: Technican
Special skill: The dancer

After Asisa’s apprenticeship as a biological technician assistant (BTA) at Rheinische Akademie Köln, she started studying biology at the University of Bonn. She joined the Winter lab in 2017 for her project and bachelor thesis. During her master’s program in molecular biology and biotechnology at the University of Bonn, she also worked as a student assistant in the lab. Asisa has completed her master thesis in the Winter lab 2020 and now continues as technical assistant. When time is left she likes to dance, do sports and gardening


Name: Shiva Ahmadi
Position: Post Doc
Special skill: The singer

Shiva came to Germany in 2011 to obtain her Master’s degree in Molecular Biotechnology. Initially she joined the Winter Lab for a practical course; apparently, she liked it a lot here and stayed for both her Master’s and PhD thesis. In the lab, she does various techniques ranging from cloning over the generation of viruses and their transduction to proteomics. Using SDS gels and western blots, mass spectrometry and cell culture it is all around one major topic: Gaucher disease. All that work doesn't mean she has no time for herself. She is a passionate traveler, does workout (sometimes!) after the lab, and most of all she sings a lot (loudly)!


Name: Srigayatri Ponnaiyan
Position: PhD student
Special skill: Master of Microscopy 

Gayatri obtained a Master’s degree in Biomedical Science from Bharathidasan University, India before she joined the Winter Lab in 2015 with an Indian National Overseas Scholarship. Her PhD thesis work is focused on investigating the mechanism of lysosomal phosphatases and optimizing the isolation of lysosomes applying proteomics and molecular biology techniques. In her free time. Gayatri loves to go shopping, reading novels and watching Korean TV series.


Name: Peter Mosen
Position: PhD student
Special skill: Making noise

Peter studied Biotechnology with a major in Biomedical Science and Technology at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. Due to his early interest in post-translational protein modification and protein expression patterns he quickly encountered LC-MS-based proteomics. As a research student at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg and University of Washington, Seattle, USA he gained first experience in the field of untargeted proteomics. In summer 2016 he joined the Winter Lab and started his PhD Now he is developing MRM-assays for targeted proteomics applications, further expanding the methodological repertoire of the Winter Lab. Besides all the MS-work, in his leisure time he is doing sports.


Jassy Singh
Name: Jasjot Singh
Position: PhD student
Special skill: The crosslinker

Being part of an international study programme in Biotechnology (University of Bremen) Jasjot finished his BSc at the beginning of 2016 with a major in Industrial Biotechnology. Being a passionate traveler, he extended his studies with courses in Biomedicine (Sydney, Australia) and conducted an internship in the field of cell culture (Manchester, Great Britain). As part of his MSc studies he conducted a project semester in the field of mass spectrometry at Sanofi (Frankfurt) which led him to the Winter Lab in the beginning of 2017. Jasjot works on lysosomal membrane proteins, investigating them with mass spectrometry. If he is not in the lab, you will find him in the gym next door lifting weights.


Name: Elham Pourbarkhordari
Position: PhD student
Special skill: Mice whisperer

Elham came to Germany from Iran in 2016 and started a Master's program in Life Science Informatics at the University of Bonn. Before, she already obtained a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Biology and Clinical Biochemistry, respectively, in Iran. She is working in the Winter Lab as a student assistant helping the other members of the group with biochemistry and molecular biology experiments.


Name: Anne Sanner
Position: PhD student 
Special skill: The optimist

Anne studied Bological Sciences in Münster and Cologne before she joined the Winter lab for her Ph.D. in November 2019. In the course of her studies, she also spent some time abroad in Canada (Montréal) to investigate cystic fibrosis, and in Berlin (Bayer Health Care), to work in the field of in vitro oncology. Her master thesis was completed in the CECAD in Cologne, where she worked with mass spectrometry. In her PhD, she focuses on TFEB and its isoforms, as well as the establishment of mass spectrometric methods. In her time off, she likes to travel, spend time with her friends and to paint. 


Name: Pathma Muthukottiappan
Position: PhD student 
Special skill: IP-Nator

Pathma started her Master’s program at the University of Bonn in 2017. She joined the Winter lab as a student assistant in 2018, and then extended to do her Master’s thesis. Afterwards she successfully applied for a scholarship at the Jürgen Manchot Stiftung, which allowed her to carry on with her doctoral studies. She investigates the composition of lysosomes by mass spectrometry based proteomics. As a hobby, she cooks, and reads.



Name: Sara Bonini
Position: PhD student
Special skill: The pastry chef

Sara comes from Italy, she took her Master degree in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at the University of Perugia. She started with an Erasmus+ program at Winter lab in Bonn and now she is continuing her experience as PhD student. She investigates the response of the lysosomal proteome to changes in cellular nutrients. Her hobbies are cooking, reading books and watching old movies.


Name: Christine Möller
Position: MSc. student
Special skill: 

Christine is from Cologne, she obtained her bachelor in Applied Biology at the Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg in 2018. Afterwards she started with her Master in Biochemistry at the Limes-Institute in Bonn. After doing a lab rotation in the Winter lab, she is staying on for her Master thesis. She is working on the identification of the lysosomal membrane proteome by mass spectrometry. When she is not in the lab she likes to read and bake.



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